“Rock The Beat” Styline & Dean Mason  (The Power House)

Each release that Styline drops gets hotter and hotter! “Rock The Beat” is a super powerful Afro House track
that is dark and funky and moves very well. Listen for
the Black Eyed Peas sample that is sure to take your crowd or mix show to the next level. Another hit from
The Power House crew!


“Take That” Wlady DB & Luke DB  (World DJ Promo/House U)

Peak-of-the-evening House Music! This would make a nice mix with the Styline single also featured On Our Radar. This is dark ominous vocals over a House track done just right. The bottom line about this track is that
it is funky and will keep the party going till the cows come home!


“Buga” Benny Camaro & Lopez Marlon  (Ego)

If you are a sucker for a good Latin House track, this one is great, and  would fit perfectly with our other featured tracks on this Radar! You have the beginning of a great set here with the addition of “Buga.” Listen for really impressive horn work which is totally unique to this track and keeps it super interesting!


“Inaspettatamente Vivo” Jumping Disco  (Intercool Digital)

The Brand New Heavies meets Mothers Finest in Italy. Great funky guitar work and slinky basslines over an awesome percussive rhythm track is the recipe behind this Disco dish. Make no mistake! This is REAL Disco and could’ve come out in 1977. For Lounge Lizards looking for the real thing in 2018.


New Label Partners (3/19/18)

zipDJ would like to welcome the following new label partners!

Filthy Sounds, United Kingdom
Wanderlust, Germany
Skandal Records, France
KLNQMZK, Estonia
Skull Sonik Muzik, Barbados
Volt Records, Canada
Brimstone Records, Latvia


On Our Radar (16/3/2018)

“Get Away” Kat Solar  (Solar Music)

Brad LeBeau’s Pro Motion gives us our first hit of Spring! Roll down your windows and turn the music up when you play this. When the temperature rises, so does the BPM! This is a Hi-NRG uptempo track that celebrates all the freedom the warmer weather brings! Leave it to Solar Music to deliver the sun!


“Zulu” Marcos Carnaval  (Tommy Boy)

“Zulu” takes us back to our roots. Historians tell us the first music was made by cavemen who stretched skin over hollowed out logs and pounded them with bones as the tribe danced around the fire. Rhythmic people cannot resist the calling of the drums and when this cut plays, we are all Zulu!


“Love On Me” Luca Debonaire & DJ Marlon  (Which Bottle?)

We never met a Luca Debonaire track we didn’t like! High quality House tracks so funky they will gravitate people away from the bar and onto the dance floor. These tracks get under your skin. Play this one to death!



“Me & You” Luke DB, Matteino DJ & Alessio Carli  (Dance Republic)

Here is another tune serving up the warm weather with tons of energy! This is a super powerful track with phat synth lines that shadow the syncopated vocals and in turn serves up something totally fresh! First listen will give you pause but before the preview is through you know that you are listening to the sound of the Summer of 2018!


New Label Partners (3/15/18)

Світлина від zipDJ.

zipDJ would like to welcome the following new label partners!

Guesthouse Berlin, Germany
Higher Reign Music Group, Canada
Green Nights Records, Spain
Ocean Music Group, Sweden
Repressure Recordings, Netherlands
Unbelievable Records, Italy
Better World Recordings, France


On Our Radar (13/3/2018)

“I Lost My Way” Mr. Groove (Pure Funk)

This track is beautiful. Beautiful vocal. Beautiful production. Polished, moving and very ripe for airplay
as well as for you dance floor. If you are a fan of Kaskade, Morgan Page, etc. this will be right up your alley. With the right support from radio Hot Mixers, this could make an easy way into rotation. Great stuff!


“Anywhere” Rita Ora   (Atlantic)

Rita Ora delivers a cute single with mixes that cover a lot of ground. The Original version is in the Kygo vain. The Willy William Mix serves up that Boriqua Beat so popular for decades in Puerto Rico but newly discovered by the world since “Despacito”. The Charlie Lane mix is the one for commercial House heads!


“I Don’t Know” E.J. (RMG Music)

This super strong track recently peaked at #2 on our charts! It is still in the Top10. Maybe a little TLC will still take it to the top. The StoneBridge & Damian Hall Epic Mix is peak-of-the-evening hi-nrg goodness. The DJ Strobe mix serves us up a bit of Timmy Regisford-ish Disco on the Garage tip. Both fabulous mixes!


“Lay Me Down” by Luca Debonaire & SoulShaker ft. Killington 

(Tazmania Records)

You could strip down this vocal and throw it over the Muscle Shoals Sounds and it would be 1968 all over again. In fact Killington sounds like Tina Turner if she were a man. They serve you with a number of mixes that all do their thing but, this track is all about that vocal. Good stuff from the New Jersey label that is giving you the world.


On Our Radar (9/3/2018)

“Quantum” by JP Lantieri   (Flemcy Music)

Flemcy Music gives us the “Distance E.P.” Of three tracks, the strongest is “Quantum” by JP Lantieri. It’s a mid-tempo Tech-House track that if you listen carefully reminds you of Gino Soccio! Gino’s influence is all under this track with a groove right out of his classic hit “Remember.” Funky and Tech-House savvy. A great effort!


“We Got Love” by Shanahan ft. Arielle   (Enhanced Music)

Enhanced gives us a super solid vocal House track. There is something very “Beyonce” about Arielle’s vocal. The song structure also sounds like something out of the Destiny’s Child songbook. All of that over a beautifully produced House track and we got love for sure!


Related image“Right Now” by Styline & Mojavee (The Power House)

Stop reading this right now and get up on the zipDJ site and grab this! What a smoking track! The Original Mix is a super funky piece of House goodness you cannot be without! Then the GM SexyBack remix takes it up a notch! These Power House people are NOT playing around. This is serious House hit material!


Image result for ultra music logo

“Lullaby” by Sigala & Paloma Faith (Ultra Music)

Ultra seems to have hit their creative apex over the last few months with a number of tunes that perfectly straddle the line between pop & dance! “Lullaby” is their next release right in that lane. This tune is so good it sounds like a TV commercial. Positive, pristine and polished. Run this one with “The Middle” by Zedd and your dance floor will live!


New Label Partners (3/08/18)

Світлина від zipDJ.

zipDJ would like to welcome the following new label partners!

Midnight Coast | Midnight Aurora, USA
Feel Decimal Black, Serbia and Montenegro
Deep Hype Sounds, USA
Phunkation, Ireland
Vicktory Music Group, Canada
2Dance Records, Belgium
Kemutus Records, Finland



Dear ALL zipDJ Members

Our new series exclusive to zipDJ


Continues with a new set of Dance/Pop Mix-Show mixes by DJ Sticky Boots

An internationally-recognized DJ and emcee, DJ Sticky Boots is known as one of the top mix show DJ’s in America. His award-winning syndicated radio mix-show, The HyperMiXx, is heard by millions on the FM dial from Seattle to Savannah and even as far away as Belgium and Greece. Sticky Boots is one of SOL REPUBLIC’s exclusive “Saviors of Sound” brand ambassadors, and has been voted one of the Top 100 DJs in the USA five years in a row by leading trade magazine, DJ Times.

“Give The DJ A Break!” are made up of 3-song sets that you can drop into your mix if you need to run to the bathroom, get a drink or have a moment with your honey in the booth!

More sets are on the way by a variety of other DJ/Remixer/Producers from around the world.
You can find “Give The DJ A Break!” in the zipDJ Essential packs every Thursday!
Playlist in the INFO tab of the release.
  zipDJ – the ONLY digital delivery service who
“Gives The DJ A Break!”

On Our Radar (6/3/2018)

“Adrenaline” Kynt (Kynt)

New Orleans performer Kynt returns with quite possibly his strongest single to date. “Adrenaline” is uptempo, funky and full of personality.
Check out the Global Tribal Circuit Club Mix and for something a bit thicker and funkier, try the Latino Soul Mix.



“Dancing By Morning” Pton ft. Natalie Ana  (IBZ Music)


IBZ Records strikes again! We love Natalie Ana’s vocals served up in two very different mixes! The first Club Mix is super strong and uplifting and when the chorus hits, up go your hands!
The Jack Eye Jones mix includes a real saxophone!


“Walk In Silence” Emily Perry 
(Dauman Music)

3 mixes to choose from! California’s Dave Mathias gives us a 2-Step-House Hybrid, Mixin’ Marc Stout & Scott Svedja from Chicago have their finger on Commercial House and finally, Jesus Montanez is over the top with an Afro-Cuban, late 90’s style Circuit-Tribal Remix that would make Dirty Disco bite the pillow! Flawless!


“IDGAF” (Dirty Disco Mixes) Dua Lipa  (Atlantic)

Speaking of Dirty Disco, they just delivered serious kick-ass mixes of one of our current favorites from Dua Lipa. They serve us with a clean version and our favorite the Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix which comes complete with language to fray that last nerve of yours. Dua Lipa is here to let you have it – and she does. Love it!


On Our Radar (3/2/2018)

“Sublime” by Kendra Erika  (Dauman)

Dauman Music has a potential hit on their hands with “Sublime” by Kendra Erika. They serve us three sets of mixes from Dave Aude, Marc Stout & Scott Svedjda and Sted-E & Hybrid Heights! If you are looking for a hot vocal track look no further.


“The Storm” by Luca Bertoni  (Ego)

“The Storm” is a great follow-up to “With The Sun.” This is a House track but Luca’s vocals and the song structure remind us of all those Italo Disco records we loved back in the day from artist like Den Harrow & Gary Low. Listen for the vocal ad lib which you will swear is Sting! Great stuff!


“It’s Your Time To Party” by Dwayne W. Tyree  (Karmic Power)

If you like your House chug-a-lugging like a percolator, this one is for you! This is chunky, funky ass-shaking House music y’all! The vocals are purposely rough and molasses sweet. The 90’s Italo synth stabs are simply the bees knees! We dare your floor not to dance!


“Got To Have Loving” by Don Ray (Polydor – Dance Classics)

Barry Harris has remixed one of our most beloved Disco Classics. If you are familiar with the original you will love his “Got To Have Loving” by Don Ray. It is everything you loved about the original, but pumped up with a bigger bottom so you can seamlessly mix it in with today’s tracks! But wait there is more… check out ALL our Dance Classics in the advanced label search!