On Our Radar (05/15/2018)

Take Me There” Tony Carbone vs DJ Cliff West ft. Lauren O’Keefe  (Quark)
This legendary House label out of NYC comes this time with a killer vocal house track. The drum track is all original House. A breath of fresh air in the EDM world we live in today!



“Flames” by David Guetta & Sia  (Big Beat)

David Guetta & Sia team up for a track sure to burn up the floor. Good work!


“Our House” Richard Grey (Total Freedom Recordings)

Powerful, hard as hell and a peak-of-the-evening hit. That fierce, that funky and that good!



“Silhouette” Neoteq  (More Records)

A very worthy underground House track. Keep the groove moving using this release as a valley to placed in between two peak-of-the-evening cuts to give your dance floor a chance to catch their breath.

On Our Radar (5/11/2018)

“Run To You” Luca Debonaire & Chris Marina  (Which Bottle?)
“Run To You” is a cover of the Bryan Adams hit from the 80’s. This is a great update. The vocals sound close enough and the production is straight up commercial House!



“Lion” on Reeser, DJ Ghost Dragon ft. Michael Lanza  (418 Music)

This is 418 Music’s debut on zipDJ, and a great big room House track! The line of the song is, “Next time you play with fire, just know you are waking up a lion!” We love that line!


Image may contain: text“Oh La La (Cuba Libre)” Martin Almind  (Lifted House)

Lifted House delivers a Spanish language rap tune that uses that Boriqua beat so popular right now. The rap however is not about the Puerto Rican experience but rather the Cuban experience in America.



“Void” Sj & Zookeper ft. Emmalyn (Enhanced)

“Void” is one serious track. With pitch-perfect vocals by Emmalyn, this is a real standout cut for Enhanced and one that stays with you well after the last beat drops. Listen to it!

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On Our Radar (5/8/2018)

“El Sol” Robbie Rivera & Mambo ft. Halana (Juicy Music)
This is one tough Latin House track! It is big enough for a big room, funky enough for a lounge and a great tool to pop between two commercial tracks. Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music has become synonymous with serious kick-ass club tracks!



Image result for Axtone

“Losing My Mind” Matt Caseli, David Jimenez vs Groove Junkies & Alexander Polinsky  (Axtone)

Axtone delivers the first big surprise of year with “Losing My Mind!” This is a great super cool, groovy club track with a perfect vocal. This is one near perfect track!



“Move To Miami” Enrique Iglesias x Pitbul  (RCA)

This is for sure the finest collaboration between these two good friends, Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull. This track screams Miami Vibe. Just try not to move when this comes on!



“Brown Sugar” Mashti & Nadia Gattas (Lifted House)Image may contain: text

Time to classy up the joint with one super cool cut. What a great cut for a Lounge set and also for any jock serious about his R&B. You may not break a sweat dancing to it but isn’t that what it means to be cool? For sophisticated DJs only!

On Our Radar (5/4/2018)

“Bring The Noise” Block & Crown (Which Bottle?)

“Bring The Noise” is another Block & Crown funky-ass party record. A  strong house track with percussive, syncopated horn stabs and a man speaking nonsense with a West Indian accent.



“Later Bitches” Prince Karma  (Down 2 Earth)

This is fun, funky, cheeky and a little silly in a good way. It’s everything the title promises, and truly a track to get down too.



“Just For You” Matteino DJ & Alessio Carli  (Jaywork)

This is a great club track to rock a dance floor. High energy synth stabs cut through a tough gritty rhythm track that will keep the floor packed and groovin’ when you place it between two more commercial dance/pop tracks. Cool stuff and a great DJ tool.



“What U Heard” Marcos Carnaval, Donny Marano & Diego Ruiz (Tommy Boy)

This great Latin-influenced House track should remind everyone that Tommy Boy was built by club support! We love the use of congas in this track and the fact that there is virtually no filler. All meat and no potatoes here!

On Our Radar (5/1/2018)

“Wakanda” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (Robbins)

Now that the Black Panther movie has broken box office records around the world, it only makes sense that Robbins re-releases “Wakanda” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.
This re-release also comes with a new mix!



Image result for Juicy Music label

“Eso Es” Rio Dela Duna & Jeremy Bass  (Juicy Music)

The hook in this track is a Peruvian flute that floats above the rhythm track like a butterfly in the rain forest. If you like a tribal feel, this release is for you!



“Prozac” J. Paul Ghetto (Spacedisco)

This is a fabulous Disco House track! We love the use of a David Letterman joke to nail the title down as well. This is a perfect update from the AKB original release!



“Burn So Deep” Jimmy Edgar ft. Dawn (Big Beat)

If the disco label Prelude Records was around now, this is what it would sound like. There seems to be a renaissance in this sound and we can’t get enough of it. Bring it on!

On Our Radar (4/27/2018)

“All Of My Love” Faith Howard  (Kingdom Digital)

Kingdom Digital Music Group gives you a handful of mixes for “All Of My Love” by Faith Howard. Check out the Ondagroove Dub Mix. This is some Funky R&B, Disco House right here.
Perfect for a Lounge setting or in a Funky House set.



“Come With Me” DJ Landan Time  (Urban Penguin)

This is a fine slice of Tech House. Check out that very cool bassline! This would be just as home in a Big Room as it would be in a Lounge. Funky enough to rock a more intimate setting. Very Cool!



“My Name” Maxim Schunk x Raven & Kreyn ft. Bishop (Enhanced)

Enhanced delivers a very nice take on the Destiny’s Child hit from back in the day. DJs are already showing this a lot of love airing it on syndicated mixshows. This is a nice cut to satisfy club dance floors with a lot of formats.



“Modular” Dino Del Moro (Power 2 Recordz)

Great party music for the summer. Do you hear the relationship to the Salt ‘n’ Pepa classic “Push It”? This will pack your floors the first time you spin it as your audience
will swear they’ve heard this before! They have, but not quite like this.

On Our Radar (4/24/2018)

“Latin America” Earth n Days  (HouseU)

“Latin America” is a strong House track with well placed samples from The Mighty Dub Kats classic “Magic Carpet Ride.”



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“This House” Blaqwell  (Spacedisco)

If you’re looking for a quality underground house track, look no further. The rhythm track is deep and strong with a spoken word vocal will have your crowds hands in the air for this one.


Image result for Universal Republic Records“No Tears To Cry” Ariana Grande  (Republic)

An amazing vocal with a very nice group of remixes that all seem to keep the integrity of the original track while serving you something new! Bravo!



“One Kiss” (Remixes) Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa   (Columbia)

We featured this in a previous Radar, but don’t miss all of the new remixes! This is already a global hit and quickly rising to the top of the zipDJ charts!

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On Our Radar (4/20/2018)

“Ching Ching” Wolfgang Gartner  (Casablanca)

This is a super solid cut that everyone reading this needs to be on now. Yes it is that good! This is what the iconic Disco act Change would sound like if they were making music today!



“I.L.I.K.E.I.T” How2Groove ft. DiVine  (Exhilarated)

Taking a line out of KC & The Sunshine Band “That’s the way (I like it)”, this has all the life, fun and glitter of the Disco original. Play this cool release at a private event or the most sophisticated martini lounge. There is just enough of the sample to remind us of why we all love K.C. Brilliant!



“Meant To Be” Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgie Line (Odessa Mama)

This Disco Pirates mix will give you you’re Ace Of Base moment for the summer of 2018. This is super sweet with just enough groove to satisfy everyone at the party.



“Party Don’t Stop” Julian Florent  (Total Freedom)

This is that record you hear at every pool party you go to this summer. This is the single that will provide the soundtrack to your summer!