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Earlier this month we sat down with one of our member DJ’s, David Partridge aka DJ Furious George, from Toronto, Canada. He shared comments around music pools, zipDJ, monkeys, and life on the road as a mobile DJ. Our DJ community is the backbone of our brand culture, so hearing our resident DJs’ stories, backgrounds, and perspectives on our industry is always a treat.

Just like the music flowing through the veins of our industry vary greatly from song to song, album to album, so do the personalities and playing styles change from DJ to DJ.

Without further adue,

David Partridge aka DJ Furious George

Raised by a DJ, David was introduced to the art and craft of mixing from a young age.  His first mixtape was recorded at 9 years old and he played to his first crowd at 13.
As President of the University of Waterloo DJ club for 3 years, he also successfully trained and help begin the careers of many other DJ’s.  Now with over 10 years of DJing experience, David has become known for his smooth flowing mixes, usage of keys and harmonic mixing. David is known to flow his crowds through a night-long journey of soundscapes & ever-changing beats to keep the dance floor bumpin’!

zipDJ: So, tell us the road you took in becoming a mobile DJ.

David: My father was a mobile DJ, which was an advantage not many DJ’s have.  He always had lots of audio equipment for me to tinker with, and tons of music for me to be exposed to at a young age.  He used to bring me to gigs when I was little to help him carry all the gear and records (there was so much more stuff back then!), and eventually he started to let me mix a bit.  He definitely taught me a lot about reading and working a crowd!



On Our Radar (03/18/2011)

Alex Gaudino ft. Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling   (Ultra)
Fito Blanko ft. Drake – Mambo (Crown Loyalty)
King Richard & Danny Torrence – Stupidisco  (S2G-Productions)
Lloyd – Cupid  (Interscope)
Peruz, Sala & Takeshy Kurosawa – Electro Spin  (Molto)
Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer – Give Me Everything  (J Records)
R.L.P and Barbara Tucker – R.E.S.P.E.C.T  (D-Noy)
Regi & Tyler – Runaway  (Mostiko)
Simone Cattaneo & Alex Gardini feat. Regina – We Will Rock You  (M.O.D.A.)
The Afterschool Special and Robb G – Roboduck  (Bug Eyed)
Tiffany Evans – I’ll Be There  (Columbia)

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One of the major trends in our industry is that more and more DJs have started to shift over to the use of lightweight, easily portable. all-in-one solution controllers. However, there’s also a good portion of DJs who swear by the proven, seemingly timeless use of digital vinyl and CDJ’s.

Today, we’ll give you a close look at two impressive DJ controllers that were released earlier this year (2011). These two video overviews just might encourage you to make the switch, or perhaps give you more reasons on why you should stay with your existing setup. Without further adue, we present:

Controller 1: Numark NS6

The Numark NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller with complete built-in mixer and four decks of software control. NS6 is the first truly pro-grade DJ controller and standalone 4-channel mixer with effects. Simply put, there has never been this much versatility and control available for professional DJs. NS6’s easy-to-use dual-platter system has been designed in collaboration with Serato to deliver powerful breakthrough performance to DJs of all kinds.

NS6 Overview by: Chris Roman, Numark

Controller 2: Pioneer DDJ-T1

The DDJ-T1 easily connects with a user’s laptop via USB for quick “plug-and-play” capability with TRAKTOR Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition DJ Software. For further convenience, the controller also comes with a computer dock that allows a laptop’s keyboard to slip directly under the controller, bringing the monitor closer to the DJ, providing fast visuals of song information while mixing. The device adopts Pioneer’s “P-LOCK Fader Cap,” designed to prevent the fader caps from slipping.

DDJ-T1 Overview by: DJ Pulse, Pioneer



We want to live, breathe, and understand the culture and lifestyle of a DJ. Period. And part of that means delivering the best selection and quality of music that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

A couple member DJ’s recently reached out to us with some mixes they created using releases that were specifically or exclusively found only on zipDJ.com. It’s this type of engagement and inspiration from within our community that lets us know we’re on the right track, and that our members see true value in our product.

If you’re a new visitor/DJ to our site, or an existing member looking to expand on your musical mixing creativity, you’re invited you to listen to the following zipDJ Club Mixes created by some of our member DJ’s:

EAT TH!S zipDJ Club Mix by DJ Furious George
EAT TH!S by furious_george

Sunshine Live 2011 zipDJ Club Mix by DJ Patrick Le Vart
New Patrick Le Vart House Mix for Sunshine Live 2011 by patrickgrunwald

A.D.D. zipDJ Club Mix by DJ Billion (caution: dirty lyrics)
Billion – A.D.D. Mixtape by DJBillion

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Canada’s premier DJ/producer, MC Mario, places his own record Label as a leader of the pack in the Canadian industry. Tycoon Records is distributed through Universal. MC Mario is well known for his live DJ prowess, producing and hosting a nationally-syndicated radio show Mixdown & Partymix in 24 cities across Canada and internationally such as the USA,,Brazil, Antigua amongst many others. He has sold over 2.5 million albums in Canada throughout his career and has produced and remixed some of Canada?s top dance hits.



Vaya Con Dios is the Belgian group who released the original jazzy-rock version of Nah Neh Nah in 1990 to great success in Europe. And the classic Spanish-rooted, flamencoesque sound represented by the original version has been making its way into dance tracks over the past year. Now, Rico Bernasconi brings it back to life with a dance treatment.

Bernasconi’s release has already topped the German dance charts, as well as sales charts in the Apple iTunes® music store internationally, prompting German producers Milk & Sugar to release their own version a month later through Universal Records. While Milk & Sugar’s release has gotten some attention as well, Bernasconi’s original maxi remains in the Top 5 in Germany, and now officially touches-down in the USA through CAPP Records and Canada through Hi-Bias Records.



On Our Radar (03/06/2011)

Antoine Clamaran ft. Soraya – Live Your Dreams (Next Plateau)
Benny Benassi ft. T-Pain – Electroman (Ultra)
Cedric Gervais ft. Mya – Love Is The Answer (Ultra)
Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi – Beautiful People (Jive)
Chromeo ft. Elly Jackson – Hot Mess (Frontside)
Destineak – Calling Your Name (Fontana North)
Inna – Sun Is Up (Ultra)
Late Night Alumni – Its Not Happening (Ultra)
LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Universal)
Lunatics of Sound ft. Alexandra Kane  – Insane (6n7 Music)
MC Flipside – Candy Coated (Big In Ibiza)
New Boyz ft. The Cataracs & Dev – Back Seat (Asylum)
Peter Luts – The Rain (D-Noy)
Royal Music Paris – Dark Side Royal (Music Paris)
Steve Forest vs The Ones – Flawless (Jolly Roger – Sound of Pirates!)
Various Artists – Canada’s Finest House 2 [Part 2] (Hi-Bias)