On Our Radar (1/30/2018)

“You’re Good For Me” by Tony Moran f. Kimberly Davis  (Mr Tan Man Music) 

Tony Moran delivers us a master class on House music! Kimberly delivers seriously great diva vocals over a funky drum track with slippery, rubbery, basslines and staccato piano keys. A serious set of mixes round out the package! Great stuff from a legend and a hell of a nice guy!


“Dreamer” by Axwell & Ingrosso  (#DB Mafia)

A little to the left of what we’ve come to expect from #DB Mafia, we are digging the pop-side of this Italian powerhouse. Even though this is still a serious Dance track, the combination of the Vocal with the playful bassline and horn stabs takes you somewhere else. Your crowd will be glad to go!


 “Halala” by Mr. Root & Jerry Ropero  (Mala Propaganda)

Jerry Ropero delivers again with a Soca-styled Latin House track with steel drums in full effect! We love the chant vocal as it ties the whole project together. One Extended Mix here but when it is this good, that is all you will need. Barcelona is seriously bring the party on, and should get even bigger as the temperature begins to heat up!


“Walk On” by A.D. Cruze (Digital Vinyl Recordings)

Back in the day, Edwin Starr sang “25 Miles To Go” and today A.D. Cruze turns that vocal into a serious House track with more miles left to go. You may remember Edwin Starr from his Disco hits “Contact” & “H.A.P.P.Y. Radio.” His voice still blesses us years after he left us. This is such a brilliant idea we don’t know why no one thought of it before. Kudos to A.D. Cruze!




DJ’s, what does it mean to be in the “Music Industry?”
Take a second to think about it.

As a DJ, you wield tremendous power. You literally have the ears of millions of people on your dance floor, or listening to your mix shows every week. But what are you doing with this power you have? Are you programming music that can uplift and empower the people? Or are you just a human jukebox? Do you ever think about the music you are playing? The hits you are creating? The influence you are extending?

The dance music community was built on the backs of DJ’s that rejected what radio was serving and played the tunes that made the crowds on their dance floors scream! When was the last time anyone screamed on your dance floor?

Experienced DJs who have clocked millions of turntable rotations will tell you of dancers raising the roofs off the clubs as they sang along to their favourite tunes. When was the last time anyone sang on your dance floor?

Dance floors don’t sing anymore. Many jocks will blame the music but is the music really to blame? Again, do you ever think about the music you are playing?

How is a record company to know what you NEED to rock your dance floor? How is a record company to know what the people really want to hear? Well, one answer is your playlist. Your playlist is your voice. It tells the record companies the kinds of releases that are working for you and the people and what you want or need more of. But it does one other thing, too. It reclaims your power and influence!

Right now there are music labels who will tell you the DJ has no influence; the DJs are no longer breaking records. These labels have lost their confidence in the DJ, and turned to streaming services and their data and metrics to tell them what the people are listening to. A DJ can tell a music label that too. And a DJ can tell a music label what is needed.

The question still remains. Why has the DJ lost his/her status as an influencer?

As a DJ, you know the music labels are wrong. But where is your proof? The proof is in your influence. The proof is in your playlist. Your playlists are charts where your collective voices as DJs can be heard.

Your voice is not just the hits everyone knows. It is also the music releases you have chosen to play that are not hits….yet. They represent your cutting edge. And so, the next time a hit comes out of nowhere, people will remember that YOU were playing that before the mainstream jumped on it.

Now, you can read this and do nothing, and that is fine. But for those of you who want to reclaim your power, reclaim your voice, reclaim your DJ status, start by sending out your playlists. If someone asks you for a chart or playlist, send it. Send it to the label reps. Send it to anyone you know in the music industry.

It is not a pain in the ass to do it; it is a privilege!
Assert your power!

In 2018, it is time for DJs to take back their dance floors!
This will be your line in the sand and your chance to reclaim your place in the music industry.

To help, zipDJ will be reaching out to a number of DJs to build an army of chart reporters.

DJ’s, if you are feeling what we are saying, share this.

Let it be said this was the year DJs made their voices heard!

It’s your dance floor.
It’s your mix show.
It’s your playlist.
It’s your voice!


On Our Radar (1/26/2018)

“Raveolution” Sergio Marini, Luke  (Beenoise Records)

Raveolution walks a fine line between Techno & Trance. The influence of Giorgio Moroder is in full effect! Includes a nice breakdown with a vocal snippet to nail the title. This is trippy and for sure a big room cut as youwill need to be in that atmosphere to appreciate it.


Image result for TVI Records

“D’Nah Nah (Shany Bum Bum)” Tony Valor  (TVI Records)

Miami’s Tony Valor is back! A killer hook and a kick-ass House Mix from Angel Manuel! The downtempo mixes comes in both English & Spanglish. Whereas “Despacito” walked this fine line as well, this single is more Urban than Latin but fans of the Luis Fonsi track will most certainly love this. For House-heads, it’s all about thi House mix!


Image result for Dirty Disco Music

“To The Dancefloor” Dirty Disco ft. Celeda (Dirty Disco Music)

Dirty Disco really live up to it’s name on this one! Rather than singing on this track, Celeda serves up some spoken diva words. Also check out the Dirty Disco Euphoric Mix. This will prove to be a floor packer! Dirty Disco & Celeda are turning out some killer work, but wait there’s more… remixes to follow!



“El Machito” Looperfunk & Jerry Ropero (Mala Propaganda)

Image result for Mala Propaganda

You will find the blend of the accordion over a tough House track to be intoxicating! This is a straight up Dance record. The bassline, the drum track, the accordion work, the vocals, everything about this single makes yu want to shake your ass and throw your hanfds in the air. This is how they do it in Barcelona where Looperfunk is from. Soon the whole world will be throwing down to it.




On Our Radar (1/24/2018)

“Groove Is In The Heart” Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious (Kaisen Records)

This is a straight-up kick-ass cover of the Dee-Lite classic we all know and love! Aside from the Club Mix, we draw your attention to the Block & Crown and Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree Remixes. 27 years after the original this tune still manages to excite and put a smile everyones face.


“Bang It Up” by HiFi & Clover f. Terrance Jaymz  (Generic Records)

This is a fine single we think many of you may have missed. Produced by the same guy who did the original “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite! This is a great single with strong airplay out in Californina on KRYC – Rhythm 105.9 FM and much deserving of your attention.


“With The Sun” by Luca Bertoni  (Ego) 
This is an excellent Pop tune in a great Dance production! The vocals are tight, the hook is strong and thos production overall makes us think of an Aloe Blacc release. Ithas a super solid breakdown and a great build-up. This is a strong single with a lot of potential. Hit it, chart it, let’s make this one happen.



“Far Away” by Socievole f. Wild Fox (#DBMafia)

“Far Away” is a powerful, aggresive track made for peak-of-the-evening, big-room attention! The breakdown and build up is sickening and will drive your floor intoa frenzy. If your club has a confetti cannon this is the tune to use it on!




On Our Radar (1/19/18)

 “Groove Is In The Heart” Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious (Kaisen Records)

This is a straight-up kick-ass cover of the Dee-Lite classic we all know and love! We got a great set of mixes here that cover a lot of ground. Aside from the Club Mix, draw your attention to the Block & Crown and Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree Remixes. Each mix brings something to the table. 27 years after the original this tune still manages to excite and puts a smile on your face. It took balls to do this, but Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious did it right!


“Good Times” Yuga & Monaus  (Kaisen Records)

Normally we wouldn’t do 2 from the same company on one tip-sheet but both of these tunes are too good not to mention. Yuga and Monaus give us a cover of the Chic classic “Good Times.” Chic covers and sample tracks seem all the rage with killer ones from Fresh Ground & Lokee and now you can put them all together for a Chic medley that’ll pack your floor and remind everybody of the “Good Times” they had & are having!


 “Stay Around” Milk & Sugar  (Milk & Sugar Recordings)
Without a doubt “Stay Around” is one of the most beloved classics ever! Alaia & Gallo have revisited
this release, updating it for today. The track sounds as fresh today as it did yesterday with all of the elements that made it great still intact. That vocal, those strings, the interplay between the two over a new sparser yet very funky drum track. Milk & Sugar are celebrating 20 years and we salute them giving us the soundtrack of our lives!


“Has Your Man Got Soul” Milk & Sugar (Milk & Sugar Recordings)

Here is another from the Milk & Sugar vaults!“Has Your Man Got Soul” had been re-touched by Peznt and the results are glorious! Nice build ups and a great overall track support the super cute vocals that anchor this release. On all of the Milk & Sugar releases there is a polish and attention to detail that was not missed on this remix. Milk & Sugar = Funky, Soulful, Disco, House tracks that are good for our minds, our bodies and our souls!




On Our Radar (01/19/17)













Caesar Garcia – G.L.A.D. [Deep Hype Sounds]
Tiesto & Sven – Boom [Casablanca]
Martin Garrix & David Guetta ft. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya – So Far Away [RCA]
Illyus & Barrientos – So Serious [Toolroom]
Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious – Groove Is In The Heart [Kaisen Records]
Damon Hess & Gabriel Sadiq ft. AwoL – The Moment [Sony Music (Tukka’s Tracks)]
Yuga, Monaus – Good Times [Kaisen Record]
Milk & Sugar – 20 Years Remixed E.P. [Milk & Sugar Recordings]
Dua Lipa Vs Promise Land x Will K – Get Rules (MashUp) [DBMAFIA]
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Remix) [White Label]


On Our Radar (1/16/2018)


“G.L.A.D.” Caesar Garcia (Deep Hype Records)

G.L.A.D. = Good Looking At A Distance. Deep Hype Records is out of Chicago and if you know anything about Chicago people, it is that they are not shy! Hence, the vocal on this single comes from a sassy woman who knows what she is talking about! She is just so sure and she is ready to spill it! The track itself is cute and makes a nice musical bed underneath “Miss Thing’s” reading. Cute track that is a lot of fun for sure.


“Boom” Tiesto & Sven  (Casablanca)

This funky track utilizes those Kungsy horns in a very cool way. They almost sound ominous but this whole track is very dark for sure. The drum track is super strong and there is a funky element to this as well. The vocal is also deep and acts like a bassline in parts. The breakdown is a dance floor killer the first time it drops but after that, it will tear up your floor! This is an interesting and fun track from Tiesto & Sven.


“So Far Away” Martin Garrix & David Guetta f. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya (RCA)
“So Far Away” is a downtempo pop track. They give us a mix with a DJ Intro which is cool cause this original will work for any floor that plays radio friendly tracks. However, for the more sophisticated lounges and nightclubs where adults rule the floor, go straight to the BLR Remix and the Cliq Remix. Both of these mixes are great versions of the Original tune in a House setting. The Cliq Remix is a bit funkier & the BLR a bit sparse, but they both work!


“Playin’” Mario Joy (JHaps)

“Playin’” incorporates elements of pop, hip hop & reggae – all in under 3 minutes! Very funky with a confident vocal and a strong hook, this track has everything it needs to pack a dance floor. It could use a DJ friendly mix, but creative jocks with experience will be able to work this in no problem. Radio stations do not have that time concern and so this would work very well on pop radio today. This is 2 in a row for red hot JHaps!




On Our Radar (01/12/17)













Blakey – Something In Me [Deep Hype Sounds]
Luke DB, Matteino Dj & Alessio Carli – Let The Music Take You [Molto Recordings]
P!nk – Beautiful Trauma [RCA Records]
L’Tric – Why [Robbins Entertainment]
George Privatti, Guille Placencia – What A Bam [La Pera]
Marc Mysterio – Roll Wit It [Spinnin’ Records (Tuukka’s Tracks)]
Global Byte – Action Body [Speed Of Life]
Snoman – You’re Nothing EP [METUM]
Hiisak Vs Camelphat – La Fanfarra Cola (MashUp) [DBMAFIA]