New Label Partners (2/26/18)

zipDJ would like to welcome the following new label partners!

Beat Fixed Recordings, Australia
Enotram Entertainment, USA
Gladiator Ent, Canada
Squad Music, Spain
Bruto Records Labels, Italy
K4music, Germany
ElectronicMusic.fm, Russia


On Our Radar (2/23/2018)

“Mas Que Nada” by Styline & Raul Mendes  (The Power House)

Styline & Raul Medes take a shot at the Sergio Mendes classic “Mas Que Nada” and knock it out the ball park. The two mixes here – Original and Kid Massive mix – are similar but the Kid Massive mix hits a little harder. You really can’t go wrong with source material like this release but they certainly elevated it for 2018!


“Long Way Home” by Two Lanes (PRMD)

In its Original form, this is a cool, moody chill track. However, they also provide us with a number of worthwhile mixes. The Elenna Extended Remix is a straight forward House track that moves well. The Jetique Fixed Extended mix is similar with a bit of a retro vibe. Cool stuff we recommend you check out.


“Pray For Me” by The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar (Interscope)

This is the lead-off single from the blockbuster “The Black Panther.” Let us save you a lot of time and direct you straight to the Barry Harris mixes! Barry Harris takes the best of this track and transforms it into a dance floor filler. This is commercial house music at its best! Something totally familiar to keep the dancers happy!


“I Know You” by Craig David ft. Bastille  (RCA)

The man who brought us 2-Step teams up with Bastille to deliver a pop tune with the right amount of polish and a super strong hook. Sultan & Shepard provide a strong House mix, a little soulful with a slant to the tech side. Like the single from The Weeknd, here we have a template for how to turn a downtempo pop tune into a floor packing club track. Great work!



Dear ALL zipDJ Members 

Our new series exclusive to zipDJ


Continues with a new set of mixes by Mark Hagan.
Mark Hagan (DJ Pooky) is an USA Billboard-charting remixer, EDM artist, producer and mixshow DJ based in South Florida. His mixshows air weekly on Paris-based Air Gay Radio (Mondays 4pm EST and Fridays 10pm EST) where he is a Resident DJ. Mark also spins weekly at Beats 360 Music based in Washington DC (Fridays 10:30pm EST) as well as select media outlets like Mixcloud and Tuesday evenings on Hailsham FM (U.K.).


“Give The DJ A Break!” are made up of 3-song sets that you can drop into your mix if you need to run to the bathroom, get a drink or have a moment with your honey in the booth!

More sets are on the way by a variety of other DJ/Remixer/Producers from around the world.
You can find “Give The DJ A Break!” in the zipDJ Essential packs every Thursday!
Playlist in the INFO tab of the release.
  zipDJ – the ONLY digital delivery service who
“Gives The DJ A Break!”

New Label Partners (2/22/18)

zipDJ would like to welcome the following new label partners!

TwistedVintage Records, United Kingdom
Velasquez Records, Germany
Ishua, Spain
ED Records, Switzerland
Which Bottle?, Russia
9th Chord Recordings, Italy
Mornay Music, Spain


On Our Radar (2/20/2018)

“Touching Cotton 2019” GenderFix

Unique, unusual and perfect! Over a tough-as-nails House drum track GenderFix piles on Techno bass lines, synth stabs and sound effects! However “Touching Cotton 2019” is so much more! In what has to be the WTF moment of the week, out of nowhere comes a funky Breaks breakdown! If this doesn’t shake up your crowd, nothing will.


“U Sexy Mutha U” Barry Huffine & Stevie F. ft. Zhana Roiya  

(Swishcraft Music)

Swishcraft Music delivers a track sure to work up a sweat! Barry Huffine, Dirty Disco & Division 4 and Matt Consola ALL deliver serious peak evening mixes with energy to take the roof off any club! Check out the absolutely amazing vocal delivery of Zhana Roiya. She throws down and stands out in each mix!


“Horizon” Andrew Rayel ft. Lola Blanc (InHarmony Music)

Hands up! This club is under arrest! At least it will be when you drop this piece of uptempo Hi-Energy Hands-Up Techno Madness on your crowd. Powerful synth stabs over a German marching band rhythm track plays well against the breakdowns featuring the gorgeous clear vocals of Lola Blanc. If you are looking for Hands Up, here you go!


“Silver Night” The Rasmus (Playground Music Scandanavia)

This is a favorite that we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on. This is Alterna-Dance at it’s finest! “Silver Night” features a great House mix with Giorgio Moroder-like synths, an emotional vocal and a great song. For sure this has potential to be so much bigger than our dance floors but DJs have the first crack at it. Play it. Your floor will thank you!


New Label Partners (2/19/18)

zipDJ would like to welcome the following new label partners!

Blip Blop Records, Sweden
Sizzle Records, USA/Canada
Mismisimo Records, England
Casablanca, USA
Spice Of Life Entertainment, Australia
RPM Promotion, Canada
Bloc Records, France


On Our Radar (2/13/2018)

“Aura” SG Lewis ft. J. Warner (Casablanca)

“Aura” is a sweet slice of laid-back, soulful Disco tailor-made for the lounge lizards among us.
Chic-style guitars meet a modern Urban vocal that makes you think of Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder and Maxwell. We are also really feeling that bassline, which is similar to Charlie Puth’s “Attention.”
A stellar release!


Image result for Dirty Disco Music

“Don’t Give Up On Love” Jay Roecker ft. Jedidiah Breeze (Dirty Disco Music)

The Dirty Disco boys out of Houston bring us a peak of the evening mainroom remix that features a rap from Jedidiah Breeze! This is one half circuit, one half rave (check out that “Freefall” piano) and one whole lot of floor packing power! If you think it’s too fast, just pitch it down and it will not lose any of it’s energy!


“East & Atlas” by Close Encounters  (Universal/A&M)

“East & Atlas” is a very mice Instrumental Trance track, too powerful & Tech-y to be a Dream production, but that piano line is very Dream-y. Close Encounters incorporates a mesh of styles that work very well together to give us a modern take on Trance with more than a wink & nod to the past.



“Slow Hands” by Niall Horan  (Capitol)

This was a great big hit. Groovy in its original form – even if a little downtempo. This 3rd Party White Label remix picks up the tempo and gives us a Commercial House mix with the full vocal intact. This mix gives us more mixing possibilities for jocks who spin House.




On Our Radar (2/9/2018)

“The Beat” by Michael M. (Gonna Be Records)

Michael M. releases new mixes of his classic “The Beat.” The original performance of this at the Twist club during the Winter Music Conference 2007 had people living for the Michael Jackson sample. Check out hese new previously unreleased mixes. Also do check out the new mixes of his hilarious “Dear Diary” also posted on zipDJ.


Image result for DanceFragile“Sputnik” by dbKilla (DanceFragile)

dbKilla serves us up a bit of Trance with a very powerful, emotional reponse. There is something about this that makes us think of all that Progressive Disco that we used to get lost in, in places like the legendary Saint nightlcub in New York. Think of the classic “Underwater” by Harry Thuman. Although this doesn’t sound like that, it comes from the same place.


Related image

“Don’t Make Me Wait” by Sting & Shaggy  (Universal/A&M)

Teaming Sting up with Shaggy was a great idea. They debuted this release on TV at this years Grammy broadcast as a hilarious skit on a NYC subway. There is always room for Sting!



“Young Forever” by High Valley (Warner Music Canada)

Not the typical dance track we usually write about, however there is no reason why this shouldn’t be blasting out of every college bar in the world! Young Forever is a little bit country and a whole lot college boy manna from the Gods! Young Forever indeed! Great track for sports bars too.



On Our Radar (2/9/17)













Axwell & Ingrosso – Dreamer [DBMAFIA]
Ado Woodz – Keep That Ass Total [Freedom Recordings]
SG Lewis ft. J Warner – Aura [Casablanca]
Hazzaro – Make My Day [Erase Records]
Miguel Alcobia – This Is How We Go! [Pure Funk Records]
Jay Roecker ft. Jedidiah Breeze – Don’t Give Up On Love [Dirty Disco Music]
Close Encounters – East & Atlas [Enhanced Music]
JES – Get Me Through The Night  [Intonation]
Michael M – The Beat [Gonna Be Records]
dbKilla – Sputnik [Dance Fragile]
Sting & Shaggy – Don’t Make Me Wait [Universal]
High Valley – Young Forever [Warner]