On Our Radar (05/15/2018)

Take Me There” Tony Carbone vs DJ Cliff West ft. Lauren O’Keefe  (Quark)
This legendary House label out of NYC comes this time with a killer vocal house track. The drum track is all original House. A breath of fresh air in the EDM world we live in today!



“Flames” by David Guetta & Sia  (Big Beat)

David Guetta & Sia team up for a track sure to burn up the floor. Good work!


“Our House” Richard Grey (Total Freedom Recordings)

Powerful, hard as hell and a peak-of-the-evening hit. That fierce, that funky and that good!



“Silhouette” Neoteq  (More Records)

A very worthy underground House track. Keep the groove moving using this release as a valley to placed in between two peak-of-the-evening cuts to give your dance floor a chance to catch their breath.

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