On Our Radar (4/20/2018)

“Ching Ching” Wolfgang Gartner  (Casablanca)

This is a super solid cut that everyone reading this needs to be on now. Yes it is that good! This is what the iconic Disco act Change would sound like if they were making music today!



“I.L.I.K.E.I.T” How2Groove ft. DiVine  (Exhilarated)

Taking a line out of KC & The Sunshine Band “That’s the way (I like it)”, this has all the life, fun and glitter of the Disco original. Play this cool release at a private event or the most sophisticated martini lounge. There is just enough of the sample to remind us of why we all love K.C. Brilliant!



“Meant To Be” Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgie Line (Odessa Mama)

This Disco Pirates mix will give you you’re Ace Of Base moment for the summer of 2018. This is super sweet with just enough groove to satisfy everyone at the party.



“Party Don’t Stop” Julian Florent  (Total Freedom)

This is that record you hear at every pool party you go to this summer. This is the single that will provide the soundtrack to your summer!

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