On Our Radar (4/27/2018)

“All Of My Love” Faith Howard  (Kingdom Digital)

Kingdom Digital Music Group gives you a handful of mixes for “All Of My Love” by Faith Howard. Check out the Ondagroove Dub Mix. This is some Funky R&B, Disco House right here.
Perfect for a Lounge setting or in a Funky House set.



“Come With Me” DJ Landan Time  (Urban Penguin)

This is a fine slice of Tech House. Check out that very cool bassline! This would be just as home in a Big Room as it would be in a Lounge. Funky enough to rock a more intimate setting. Very Cool!



“My Name” Maxim Schunk x Raven & Kreyn ft. Bishop (Enhanced)

Enhanced delivers a very nice take on the Destiny’s Child hit from back in the day. DJs are already showing this a lot of love airing it on syndicated mixshows. This is a nice cut to satisfy club dance floors with a lot of formats.



“Modular” Dino Del Moro (Power 2 Recordz)

Great party music for the summer. Do you hear the relationship to the Salt ‘n’ Pepa classic “Push It”? This will pack your floors the first time you spin it as your audience
will swear they’ve heard this before! They have, but not quite like this.

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