On Our Radar (5/11/2018)

“Run To You” Luca Debonaire & Chris Marina  (Which Bottle?)
“Run To You” is a cover of the Bryan Adams hit from the 80’s. This is a great update. The vocals sound close enough and the production is straight up commercial House!



“Lion” on Reeser, DJ Ghost Dragon ft. Michael Lanza  (418 Music)

This is 418 Music’s debut on zipDJ, and a great big room House track! The line of the song is, “Next time you play with fire, just know you are waking up a lion!” We love that line!


Image may contain: text“Oh La La (Cuba Libre)” Martin Almind  (Lifted House)

Lifted House delivers a Spanish language rap tune that uses that Boriqua beat so popular right now. The rap however is not about the Puerto Rican experience but rather the Cuban experience in America.



“Void” Sj & Zookeper ft. Emmalyn (Enhanced)

“Void” is one serious track. With pitch-perfect vocals by Emmalyn, this is a real standout cut for Enhanced and one that stays with you well after the last beat drops. Listen to it!

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