On Our Radar (5/4/2018)

“Bring The Noise” Block & Crown (Which Bottle?)

“Bring The Noise” is another Block & Crown funky-ass party record. A  strong house track with percussive, syncopated horn stabs and a man speaking nonsense with a West Indian accent.



“Later Bitches” Prince Karma  (Down 2 Earth)

This is fun, funky, cheeky and a little silly in a good way. It’s everything the title promises, and truly a track to get down too.



“Just For You” Matteino DJ & Alessio Carli  (Jaywork)

This is a great club track to rock a dance floor. High energy synth stabs cut through a tough gritty rhythm track that will keep the floor packed and groovin’ when you place it between two more commercial dance/pop tracks. Cool stuff and a great DJ tool.



“What U Heard” Marcos Carnaval, Donny Marano & Diego Ruiz (Tommy Boy)

This great Latin-influenced House track should remind everyone that Tommy Boy was built by club support! We love the use of congas in this track and the fact that there is virtually no filler. All meat and no potatoes here!

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